Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wireless Technologies Paper Essay Example for Free

Wireless Technologies Paper Essay Party Plates Company has come to the conclusion that there is a need for a new proposal for wireless technology. Our goal is to meet goals in technology advancement and to be up to date with our consumers and business associates. Our proposal will focus on wireless technology that will benefit the party plate business. Our team will also provide the pros and cons to our idea and justify our choices to incorporate them into Party Plates Company. In the proposal we will also include a spreadsheet presenting the equipment needed for using the technologies and the costs involved with the equipment. The wireless technologies that our team recommends for Party Plates Company are WIFI and Laptops. WIFI is wireless technology that allows electronic devices to exchange data using radio waves. These radio waves are transmitted using an antenna called a wireless access point. (Rainer Jr Cegieiski, 2011) WIFI has the potential to save Party Plates Company the cost of having wires installed throughout the company. Laptop technology consists of a small computer that is portable, you can access customer files from anywhere in the building that and also check inventory from the comfort of your home if needed. You will no longer be confined to your office or to any electrical cords. It also involves less wire tangling around your desk which could be a safety hazard. A laptop will allow a manager or supervisor communicate with staff, clients, and employees. WIFI and Laptops are reliable wireless technologies; however, they also possess their own disadvantages. WIFI signals can be slow depending upon how far you are from the router. This can delay the network speed, just like when too many people are using the service at the same time. The demands of a large number of users attempting to access a Wi-Fi network at once can tax the bandwidth capacity of the network, causing outages. † (Blank, 1999-2012) There is also the problem of security when using WIFI. Using this wireless technology makes it harder to control the content viewed, especially when personal computers can access the network. Laptops can typically be a more expensive technology than your normal desktop system. They can also pose a security drawback. Laptops now have cameras making it easy to copy or transfer confidential information. Regardless of the drawbacks associated with these two devices, the ease of use, the availability, and the functions outweighs its flaws. We feel that both of these wireless technologies would work well for Party Plates Company. WIFI is easy to use, efficient, and flexible. Although there may be difficulties with security and network overload, if the WIFI is password protected and monitored these possibilities could be diminished. Laptops can be secure, efficient, and portable. The increased price for system upkeep and possible collisions are only small problems to accurately control inventory and regulate sales.

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