Thursday, May 14, 2020

Marketing Issue Outline Of Twitter - 2400 Words

Marketing Issue Outline: Twitter provides a very good online platform for marketing and advertising products. It is among the best social media adverts providers and many companies while launching their brands like doing so on twitter since it is always right on time. However, Twitter has a growth problem. Well, Twitter actually has a number of problems — employee retention, profitability and lack of trust among diehard users to name a few — but user growth seems to be its most critical area (Russell Lunden, 2016). The users are losing interest in what the platform can offer. In this report we will be discussing how to overcome this current issue, the analysis we conducted and the strategies that we have proposed and then applied to†¦show more content†¦Strengths: †¢ Viral and real time in nature (Unique Selling Point) (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Highly preferred by organizations or celebrities for business or publicity purpose (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Good integrations with other platforms (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Broken Barriers between people and celebrities (Barnett, 2011) †¢ Twitter used as a communication method in higher education (Jacquemin, Smelser Bernot, 2014) †¢ Benchmark for companies (J. Hallam, 2013) †¢ GIPHY’s users are creating GIFs for news, entertainment, sports, and expression that can enrich Tweet (Reddy, 2016). Weaknesses: †¢ 140 Character limit with restrictions in sending one messages (Twitter Developers, 2015). †¢ No solid revenue modal (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Problems with Ad algorithm (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Spammers (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Single Service easily replicated by competitors (opam,2015) †¢ The business model has limited scope for expansion (krishnan, 2014). †¢ Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter (Plus, 2015) †¢ Needs to correct some of its prior mishaps with developers (Greenberg, 2016). Opportunities: †¢ More celebrities and organizations to create credible accounts. †¢ Optimizing Platform (Lee, 2014). †¢ Twitter is a light-versions of Facebook (Lardinois, 2009) †¢ Focusing on front end acquisitions (Forbes,2015) †¢ A dominant way for businesses to communicate with their customers. â€Å"Followers can help your business extend its reach†

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